You have the Freedom of SpeechFreedom to AssembleFreedom to Bear ArmsFreedom of Religion

Independence, critical thinking, and morality based on the Bill of Rights are greatly under attack today. Our mission is to curb the spread of this mass ignorance of our nation’s Founding Principles, for only a moral people can govern themselves without tyranny.

Our goal is to promote…


The Founding Fathers recognized that good Christian principles were the cornerstone of a person’s morality, so first we must ‘Love Our Neighbor as Ourselves, ‘ recognize the flaws we all have, and work together to enrich our character and our freedoms from tyranny and from sin.


America was built as a lighthouse for freedom for its citizens first, and a symbol for others on how prosperous a free nation could be. In that freedom a man can be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.


Mankind has prospered through the humanities and sciences by all views being challenged and resulting from fair critical thinking. This method of acquiring education and information has made possible great feats through history. This only continues if the fair exchange of ideas continues without tyrannical silencing.