The year of 2020 delivered the U.S. and the world a fear of a pandemic virus, Covid-19, spreading throughout our states and countries of the world. What initially appeared to be a deadly virus has been repeatedly shown to be no more deadly than a bad flu season for a majority of the population. However, local, state and federal leaders have taken this opportunity of widespread fear to administer mandates locking and shutting down businesses and restaurants. At the same time, pharmaceutical companies saw a money machine, if they could come out with their own vaccines to treat Covid-19, and then the race began. A handful of companies rushed out experimental vaccines, by-passed the usual human trials, and quickly push to market a new vaccine system known as mRNA. Never previously successful in treating Covid virus, the mRNA system aimed to create vaccines within the body rather than in a lab by targeting the spike protein already found in the body. The truthful results have been disastrous, and with the media and governments’ hiding of the honest deaths and severe reaction numbers, the cover-up has been criminal. Even the PCR testing inventor, Kary Mullis, suspiciously used to detect Covid19 in people, denounced its use for testing infectious diseases as it was designed to be used to replicate any molecule.  Covid-19: The Great Reset