Yuri Bezmenov, a Warning to America

From the article “It’s time to rediscover KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov” by Ken Abramowitz from Jewish News Syndicate:

In 1970, Yuri Bezmenov, a 31-year-old KGB officer specializing in propaganda, defected to Canada. Bezmenov (also known as Tomas Schuman) was sickened by the oppressive nature and toll of communist totalitarianism, and wanted to devote his life to educating Western nations, America in particular, on what he and the KGB had been doing to us, to undermine and ultimately destroy our societies.

In 1984, Bezmenov published a small book, Love Letter to America, in which he explained, in great detail, how the Communists running the USSR were working to destroy America—not using physical weapons, but through what he described as “cultural subversion.”

That same year, he delivered a one-hour video presentation that summarizes his book. (See a four-hour compilation of his video interviews and lectures here.)

After publishing his book and delivering this presentation, in 1984, Bezmenov began teaching international relations at Windsor College (Canada). He died in early 1993.

Yuri Bezmenov gave several points on how the Soviet Union would subvert Communism into our American culture. The Soviet Union as he knew it may be gone, but the push for Communist/Marxist ideologies are still making great headway in America and all you have to do is look at how our education system has devolved over the past few decades since Bezmenov’s dire warnings.

Again, from the article “It’s time to rediscover KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov” by Ken Abramowitz from Jewish News Syndicate

1) The KGB, the former Soviet Union’s secret police, used only 15 percent of its resources for traditional espionage (or “James Bond stuff,” as Bezmenov put it)—and 85 percent for ideological and psychological warfare (cultural subversion), through the use of “active measures” to interfere in, and degrade, the affairs of enemy states.

2) These “active measures” were designed to corrupt a targeted free, self-governing country (and its elections) to the point where the people acted in the interests of the USSR, though not aware that they were doing so. Those affected people were referred to by the Soviet dictators as “useful idiots” and included prominent figures from Hollywood, authors and others.

In summary, they advocated nice-sounding goals like “equality” (group poverty, as in the USSR) and “social justice” (which is never quite defined, but is always against capitalism, America and Western civilization, in general), while accepting, or not realizing, that they were being used to advance murderous communist propaganda.

3) Around 1965, the KGB sought to undermine America’s elementary schools. By now, three generations of teachers and students have been indoctrinated with subversive Socialist ideologies. This subversion went unchallenged by an increasing number of schools and teachers, which steadily sabotaged (and now vilifies) traditional American values.

4) As these students progressed to universities, they were not only unaware of the lies they’d been told, they were primed and receptive to higher-level indoctrination of hatred for freedom, democracy, individual rights, limited constitutional government, free enterprise, etc. And once they graduated, they became the next generation of leaders, in all segments of society. This ongoing process destabilized our society, as these Communist values clashed with those who still believed in the constitution and its principles.

5) The “destabilization” process was accelerated by also attacking religion, primarily Judaism and Christianity, and turning peoples’ attention to personal, short-term gratification and human degradation of innumerable forms, largely through destroying the family, while the virtues of thrift, goal-setting, diligence, savings and sobriety were gradually forgotten.

Ex-KGB officer Yuri Bezmenov Explains United States Targeted Public Schools for Change
Yuri Bezmenov's Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society Lecture
Love Letter to America by Tomas Schuman (Yuri Bezmenov)

6) Further destabilization came by replacing the teaching of important core science, with an overarching emphasis on humanities. America, which once was the undisputed world leader in science and technology, now is witness to the fact that a majority of students in our universities that focus on these disciplines are foreign, primarily from China, who then take what they’ve learned back to their home nations.

And in the case of China, ruled by a Communist dictatorship, we are literally training (if not subsidizing) the rise of our most lethal adversary, which is now approaching the technical sophistication of all of America’s weapons systems.

7) Another key facet of KGB’s subversion efforts was creating a permanent “crisis” mode, with a full-scale attack on free markets and legitimate historical and constitutional organizations. Big-government promises of free goods would be used to encourage voters (who’d been primed for such offers, via our schools) to seek a strong leader or even “benevolent” national ruler to fulfill these unfulfillable promises.

If Bezmenov were still alive, he would undoubtedly say that the United States has now entered into this “civil war” stage, as violent anarchists, Communists, “cancel” militants and other opportunists (including Islamists) use force to provoke attacks against statues (history) and the police in nearly 20 American cities, most of which have been “governed” at all levels by far-left “useful idiots” for decades.

8) After the resulting “civil war,” if the conservative forces who advocate for constitutional rule of law were to lose, a new “normalization” process would take over, as people get used to far fewer rights, but the illusion of less economic dislocation, under the rule of a “benevolent“ (Communist/Socialist) dictator—who, judging from history, will not remain benevolent for very long.

9) To save freedom, Bezmenov suggested very harsh responses to those who seek to violently overthrow our constitution, even if some liberties had to be temporarily suspended. The alternative is a full Communist takeover or an even worse invasion by a foreign enemy.

10) Bezmenov also suggested a mass public movement to remind and reeducate the population as to the virtue of traditional American values, in order to help the citizens regain their confidence in their base values.

Austin Roe

God fearing, Freedom loving American, U.S. Army Veteran, who believes in maximum freedom and maximum personal responsibility.

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  • Joe Cortina March 26, 2022 Reply

    I worked with Yuri years ago. At the time i was already deeply involved in Anti -Communist lecture talk shows and TV interviews. Yuri was an inspiration to me to be a ‘whistle blower/teacher to warn us of the Marxist rot I saw all around us. Then i discovered the REAL TRUTH about the average American. We could care less about hearing ‘unpleasant things’. American can’t HANDLE UGLY TRUTHS!

    All we care about are children’s diversions like the NFL and tailgate parties- or bigger cars and bigger boats and more luxury in our lives. We are obsessed with money and material things. Our so called Christian faith is a joke – a carnival act played out by greedy con artists who have done more to destroy authentic family values that ALL of the KGB and other bad influences combined!

    Long ago I served in uniform as an elite Special Forces airborne commander – my reason? TO SERVE GOD AND COUNTRY- to DEFEND OUR COUNTRY – NOT – IsraHELL. Today we are nothing more than a war mongering murderous mercenary terrorist organisation – in for the good money and thrills of a licence to kill! I trained a LOT of your young sons how to PROTECT THE UNITED STATES – NOT ISRAHELL!

    In my own lifetime I have watched TWO ENTIRE GENERATION of children go from decency to degenerate. I have not heard an intelligent conversation among adults for DECADES! Our schools are now morn factories that are more interested in infusing nonsense in place of wisdom. – materialism instead of morality – and heresy in place of HISTORY.

    We have never been more ignorant or indifferent of all that is important in life since I was born. We have been raised on endless serial LIES and false flag events. We have been in state of unprovoked war since 1812. Our fiat currency money is now as worthless as Monopoly money – our lower income class income population is about to be wiped out and we don’t give a damn as long as SOMEBODY ELSE DUFFERS!

    BTW Know how and WHY Yuri died? He died in desperation – of a broken heart – as an alcoholic – WHY? because happened to him has happened to me. We were from different worlds – but we were brothers in our goals. WE BOTH gave our LIVES to try to wake up a sleeping ignorant ‘merka’ to the dangers all around us – but it interfered with our NFL games – so we just ignored the warnings.

    We are a nation of adults with the intellects of children. WE LIKE STUPID! 2 thousand years ago 2 great beings tried to warn us of our ignorance and the consequences of self-inflicted stupidity.

    One was the Roman philosopher Cicero; Before he was murdered for speaking the TRUTH – he stated : “A man who know nothing of history before he was born – will live his life as a child” sound like the average merkan today?

    The second warning was from the Son Of God as He exposed the evil jews who were about to murder Him also for speaking the TRUTH. He said this about them: :YOU ARE OF YOUR FATHER – THE DEVIL – who is a liar and a murderer – and these lusts of your father YOU WILL DO!” The jews had Him murdered shortly after he exposed them.

    Plato warned his people – nobody listened
    Christ warned His people – nobody listened
    Yuri warned our people – nobody listened
    I tried to warn my own people – nobody listened

    • Austin Roe March 28, 2022 Reply

      Thanks for the comment, Joe. A close friend of mine and I have had a similar epiphany after the very active roles we played in the Tea Party movement in our state. Unless a Christ-driven revival on a massive scale happens, there is little chance anyone will listen and be able to stop the evil globalist control already taking place. Sadly, people don’t really fear the dangers of slavery until the yoke is already around their neck, and by that time it is too late.

      • Jane March 12, 2023 Reply

        Austin please STOP making it Christian focused ! We won’t win leaving si many out!

        • Austin Roe March 16, 2023 Reply

          My Christian focus is not unfounded. First off, we are not a theocracy like some countries. The U.S. was founded in the right of practicing a belief system/religion as one chose. However, it cannot be ignored that the primary push for religious freedom and the end of slavery came from the early churches in America. Research the Black Robe Regiment. I have personally done some extensive research into some of the oldest churches in a major city near me only to learn that at their founding, it was not just those who attended that church which supported that church both financially and socially. Many times a church in those days was seen as a moral compass for the community, for those who attended and those who did not. The tenets of morality stem from Christian faith and should not be ignored. That is not to say that you cannot find good moral tenets in other religions, but in the U.S. it was primarily Christian. Many have pointed to such things as the ending of prayer in schools as the beginning to the real deteriorating of our society and general moral fabric. There are other examples of such milestones. Regardless, we have lost something since we have turned from our ability to self-govern our own actions. With the absence of the belief in a higher power to help motivate us to maintain good, moral behavior, people do not have the motivation to improve. When has bad behavior not eventually been subject to a hard consequence? Prayer works. Drawing closer to God works. We all have the choice to turn away, but we have also seen now what happens to the world when we do. In the end the choice is always ours.

  • linda Wilson-Whitmire April 7, 2022 Reply

    Me too Austin, I notice that so many of our businessmen, politicians, and preachers– while claiming to be all about God and the Constitution, are really quite contemptuous of both!
    The Russian stealth author, Ayn Rand has steadily undermined our morals and honest businessmen, putting them in competition with thieves so that we have no trust at all–just as Paul Weyrich planned, every sector of our economy has been hollowed out from the inside as he wrote in his 2001 manifesto after stealing the election for George Bush Jr.
    This is all very sad because the cries of the martyrs, President Kennedy, Dr. King, and and Robert Kennedy are silenced in the ears of the murderers, but they are amplified in God’s ears. These evil men have not even been publicly scolded, much less brought to justice. God will bring justice and they will pay, and everyone else who has kept this secret for all these decades will answer. Jesus told us to work for the Kingdom of God–not fight for the Roman Empire or the American Empire either! Repent or face the Wrath of God!

  • Rob Vogel May 19, 2022 Reply

    Trump’s election turned out to be a victory for Putin and benefited Russia.

    Recognize right wing government by a very wealthy leader surrounded by loyalists. Putin’s and Trump’s government similar. Trump admires other authoritarians including Putin.

    Republicans are now a radical, far right party, admire other authoritarian leaders, and follow a wannabe fascist dictator. They have rendered US government dysfunctional. They tried an armed insurrection, and, having failed at that, are attempting to gerrymander and change voting laws so they cannot lose. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if Vladimir Putin is advising Trump to follow the authoritarian playbook.

    The choice between democracy and dictatorship should not be difficult.

    Right wing government is never good. This time it can lead to a dystopia and destruction of habitability of the planet. We won’t get a second chance in space.

    • Austin Roe May 20, 2022 Reply

      Haha! I always enjoy it when a liberal kool-aid drinking shows up. I have always insisted on giving the microphone to the AOC’s of the world. Defending their insanity always works to strengthen common sense. Thank-you for playing, Rob!

  • Yuri Bezmenov October 24, 2022 Reply

    I tried to warn you, but my spirit lives in via Substack: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/

  • brawl January 31, 2023 Reply

    Ꮐreat post.

  • Jane March 12, 2023 Reply

    Rob Vigel you are lying or delusional. The Communist threat is coming from the left.

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