Hawley warns Big Tech companies working to ‘transform America’ in new book

“The irony is, the book is about the control Big Tech has over our politics, and over our society, and it was Big Tech that led the effort to get this canceled,” Hawley told Fox News.

“I think it was a petition drive that started on Twitter – certainly was amplified by Twitter, that caused the corporate publisher to say we ought to back away from this,” Hawley explained, noting that he is “grateful there are still independent publishers,” referring to Regnery Publishing, which he ultimately signed with.

“This is a book that corporate leftists don’t want anybody to read, and for good reason,” Hawley told Fox News. “This is all about how big tech and mega corporations are working hand-in-hand with big government to try to run our country, silence our speech, and take over our government.”

Austin Roe

God fearing, Freedom loving American, U.S. Army Veteran, who believes in maximum freedom and maximum personal responsibility.

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