The 1776 Report

One of the 1st acts of the Biden Administration after President Joe Biden’s inauguration in January 2021 was to remove the 1776 Project‘s commissioned report from the White House’s website. The project was commissioned by President Trump to counter to widely inaccurate 1619 Project propaganda as touted by the New York Times and many other liberal groups.

Video: Mike Gonzalez joined The Glenn Beck Show to discuss the Biden Administration’s and the Left’s war on history.

Mike Gonzalez, senior fellow at the Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy, spent close to 20 years as a journalist, 15 of them reporting from Europe, Asia and Latin America. He left journalism to join the administration of President George W. Bush, where he was speechwriter for Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox before moving on to the State Department’s European Bureau, where he wrote speeches and Op-Eds.

Copies of this report can be downloaded in PDF form here, or hard cover versions are available at

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