Your Internet Identity: How you are tracked by Google and Facebook

Rob Braxman is a fantastic online privacy and cybersecurity expert who has a ton of very informative videos on Youtube on how to protect yourself on the Internet and with your mobile devices. I promise you his videos are very much worth your time.

How does Google and Facebook track you? Unless you have a full understanding of the complete way you are tracked, some of the steps you’re taking to protect your privacy may not be working.

In this video we will discuss two separate concepts: an Inferred identity and a Real identity. And how the two connect. And what constitutes the inferred identity is the trifecta of identifiers. 3 things that will track you for certain unless you take precautions to stop them.

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Videos mentioned:

Testing site for Identity Tracking:


De-Googled Phones in Real Life
De-Googled Privacy Phones

Browser Isolation
Google Voice for Privacy (2FA)

Device Fingerprint

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